【First-Year Student Instruction Information】


Enrollment:Every  first-year students should finish their enrollment procedure online before the semester begins. (more information in here)

Health Exam In order to provide the best care for NTU students, the Health Center arranges freshmen health examination. International students' health exam are arranged August 31  and September 1 afternoon. (more information in here)

Opening Ceremony :  The opening ceremony of undergraduate is once-in-a-lifetime. Join us on August 28.

First-Year Orientation Camp : From August 30 to September 1, we will hold a series of activities including the real escape game, student club bazaar, first-year festival, symposium to instruct first-year students to realize the campus more!

Receive the student ID card :Don't forget to receive your student ID card after the health exam on August 31  and September 1 in the Boya 
Lecture Building.

【First-Year Orientation Camp】

08.30 (Tue.) | 10:00-17:00


Real Escape

The backstory is on NTU campus. A new virus is spread to squirrel, making them aggressive. Participants will be divided into groups to solve puzzles with teammates from other departments.

The real escape game is designed with information about NTU campus life, such as course enrollment, administrative resources, campus introduction and extracurricular activities.


Venue: 4-5F, Putong Lecture Building, NTU


The Student Club Bazaar

The classrooms will be converted into a shopping arcade, an experience zone and a performance area. A total of 40 clubs will interact with first-year students on the spot.


Venue: 2-3F, Putong Lecture Building, NTU





08.31 (Wed.) | 10:00-17:00

The First-Year Festival

We have designed 10 interactive exhibition stands with themes such as campus life, course enrollment information, gender-friendly environment and environmental protection. We have also invited 12 administrative units, including NTU Library, Center for Student Well-Being and Office of International Affairs to have stands in order to help first-year students better understand all kinds of resources in NTU.


Venue: 1F, Sports Center, NTU



09.01 (Thu.) | 13:30-17:00

The Symposium

The Symposium

Distinguished teachers, noted alumni and committee members are invited to give a short speech. After the speech, the host will interview the guests with questions collected from the participants in advance. The number of attendees is limited to 500. Other students can steam the symposium online.

Interaction with Camp Counselors

After the symposium, you can take part in the interactive activities designed by the seniors, in which you can chat with the seniors, sing with them and leave wonderful memories.


Venue: Zonghe Lecture Hall (2F, Zonghe Lecture Building, NTU)



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